Joseph's Piggy

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Peppie: Peppie was born on November 5th, 2005. I got him from a friend of mine in August of '06 who's dog was terrorising Peppie. He was very skittish and shy when I first got him, not wanting to leave his little purple igloo. But he was very vocal when it came down to food. As I was getting in the habit of knowing what he wanted, when he wanted it, he started to become less vocal. He even would greet me when I got home from work. Peppie was named so because he looked like "Pepe le pew" the skunk. It wasn't my choice in name but I stuck with it regardless. Peppie even is able to recognise his name. Whenever I say "Peppie" he'll perk his head up and look at me. Or if he's in his igloo, he'll stick his head out.

Like most guinea pigs, Peppie is often affectionate. Whenever I pick him up he crawls to my chest and nuzzles his head under my chin and closes his eyes. He has just started giving me "guinea pig kisses" on the tip of my nose. I always have the lingering smell of guinea pig breath afterwards. Peppie is well travelled. He's been to Seattle, WA; Myrtle Beach, SC; Charlotte, NC; Orlando, FL and a few other destinations, including my old High School.
Peppie Again: "Superstar!" A lot of people have told me Peppie's hairdo reminds them of some 80's punk rockers hair.
Peppie Again: "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Clark..." Peppie adores the camera.

Pictures and text by Joseph