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Welcome to my cyberpet adoption centre. Please step onto each link below to take you to each destination. There will be a link on each page to take you back here.

Please remember to sign the guest book if you adopt a cyberpet and would like to be added to our parent list. We also enjoy hearing from our visitors.

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Adopt a Safari Garden Pet
Guinea Pig Centre
Safari Garden

Fantasy Adoptions
Adopt a Gingerbread Man
Adopt a Fluff
Fantasy Adoptions
Gingerbread Men

My Adopted Cyberpets/Characters

My Adopted Guinea Pigs Meet lots of adorable guinea pigs that I have adopted. There are buckin bronco guinea pigs, a guinea pig band and many more.

My Adopted Owls Meet my beautiful adopted Owls. I'm sure once you see them you'll want to adopt one or more of your own.

My Assorted Pets Meet all my very cute pets that I have adopted. You'll meet dolphins, wolves and you'll even be able to interactive with some of the cyberpets.

New: My Adopted Blinkies See my animal and flower blinkies that I have adopted, they are so beautiful.

My Fantasy Adoptions See my adopted mermaids, fairies, dragons, unicorns and other fantasy adoptions.

My Birthstone Adoptions My birthstone is topaz, why not adopt your own birthstone adoptions.

My Fun Adoptions Meet lots of fun adoptions, which include an alien, ghosts and purp beans.

My Adopted Globes Here are some delightful globes that I have adopted.

Parent List Here is a list of loving homes that have already adopted some of my cyberpets. Remember to sign the adoption register book if you would like your site added to this area.

Cyberpet Credits A special thank you page for everyone that has helped me build my cyberpet centre.

Awards Received An award page to proudly present the awards I have won for my cyberpet adoption centre.


Cyberpet Links Here are links leading to lots of other cyberpet adoption centres.

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