Alesia Piggies

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Mr.Beans: We adopted Mr.Beans from the Houston SPCA. They didn't know what breed he was, and I always figured a black self, but if anyone can tell me if they know certainly what he is I would love to be sure! I adopted Mr.Beans at 3 months in December '04. He was the one that got along the very best with my first piggy, Spunky Munky. He automatically pushed himself underneath Spunky and purred. They have been inseparable ever since! He wheeks very loud whenever he's hungry and runs and jumps everywhere! He's an active little cavy! Right now he is still getting used to being picked up and getting his nails trimmed. But our patience is coming a long way because he no longer runs away when I put my hand on him to stroke him, and it's only been about a month!
Mr.Beans again: Here is another lovely picture of Mr.Beans.
Spunky: As a first time piggie owner, I went searching at our local pet stores for my guinea pigs. I bought one at Petsmart that died one day late of two weeks because of an unknown sickness he had already had. A week before he died a girl from Petco that worked with small animals told me they had two guinea pigs born in the store, and that I could adopt one in a couple of weeks. I was ecstatic. This is where I found Spunky Munky. He was the smallest of the two. Had I known my piggie at home would pass, I would have adopted both piggies! The first picture is only when Spunky was 2 months old. The second is about a year later! I believe he is a cross of Abyssinian and Peruvian, just because his hair is constantly growing. In the second picture, it's actually growing back from a trim I gave him! He loves to cuddle, and he is very calm and patient with me. He never bites, and although does not like his nails trimmed will endure it well for a piece of parsley! He loves his new buddy Mr. Bean. chirrupy !
Spunky Again: Here is another lovely picture of Spunky.

Pictures and text by Alesia