A Letter for Fudge - Care of Rainbow Bridge

Here is a lovely, heartwarming letter my friend Donna wrote to her dear guinea pig Fudge. I was so moved by Donna's letter, a beautiful goodbye for a beautiful little lady.

Dear Fudge,

I have to write you this letter and send it to Rainbow Bridge because you are not here to talk to anymore. I wish so much that you did not have to go away. I wish so much that you were still here. You have left such a big hole in my life. We were the greatest of pals I will miss you so much.

Fudge, my buddy, my beautiful special little girl, I just don’t know how I am going to function without you. I know I have to be strong for the others but today I am struggling without you here. When I woke your little friends up for breakfast this morning, you were not there anymore. The other girls would not come out of their cabins. I had to give them their breakfast in bed. When I fed the fish down the garden, I came and spoke to you in the special place where I gently laid you down yesterday morning. I hope you like the winter pansies. They are pretty like you. They are yellow like the sunshine and they look like they have little faces on them too. I knelt down and touched the ground where you lay. I miss you my Fudge Pup. Why did you have to go away? I love you my little girl and I am missing you more than words can ever say. I hope that you heard me okay Fudge. With tears rolling down my face I went back in the house to wish the others a good day before I had to leave for work. Once again I looked at the place where you fell to sleep wishing that it was all a dream and that you were still here with me.

I woke up in the night thinking of you Fudge. I woke up ready to get you up for the night feeds. I also woke up early for the morning feed, but instead I had an extra half an hour in bed to cry. I would much prefer to be getting up with you through the night and early mornings. I thought of it as our special quality time Fudge. I am writing this on my lunch break. I am sitting in the car at work writing this letter to you, but I would much prefer to be rushing home to you, to give you your lunchtime feed. Fudge I just want you to know that I swear I tried with all my heart to get you well again. I tried to keep you happy and warm. I made sure you stayed with Nancy, Lara and Charlotte. I know you love your herd and you had a very special bond with Lara and Nancy. I think Lara is your sister. I know that you and Nancy had been inseparable recently. I just want you to know they all miss you terribly. Even Ellie, Lou and Boris in the other herd are strangely quiet again today.

When we met Vedra on Saturday I was so positive and so sure that you were going to get well again. Why couldn’t you just hang on in there a little longer my Fudge girl? I suppose all of the travelling was a little too much for you my sweet little girl. Nancy was inconsolable yesterday morning after you went away. She kept making a funny noise and kept bobbing in and out of the log cabins – I think she was looking for you Fudge.

Fudge, I hope you felt my love for you. I loved you from the very first day I met you when you became a member of our family. You were such a gentle and kind girl, you only ever nipped me once and that was when I was taking you in the car to the vets – which was totally understandable. You were a strong and independent girl. You were the dominant one. You didn’t like a lot of fuss or cuddles very much. It was only when we had our special time together recently that I heard you purr – That meant the world to me my Fudge Pup. Fudge I just want you to know that you will always be my little girl. You were my world. Without you here is so very empty and a very sad place to be.

I want you to know Fudge, that I was so proud of you for making Guinea Pig of the Month December 2007. You were always my special girl every single month. I love you so much Fudge. I keep wishing for a time machine. I wish I could go back to December and take you to Vedra and hopefully with the knowledge we have now we could save you my Princess. Fudge, I am so sorry if I let you down, but I swear I would give anything to have you here with me right now. The only comfort is to know that you are no longer in pain, and I am very happy that you fell to sleep in your own bed, in the warmth of your own home, with your herd, with little Nancy snuggled beside you. Fudge, I hope this letter reaches you okay. I hope that you felt my endless unconditional love for you. I hope that you know that you were such a huge part of our lives and myself and all your friends back home will miss you now and always. Take Care my special Fudge Pup.

I love you – Forever.

Until we meet again.

Forever – Your loving Human Mum – Donna xxxxxxxxx

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