aL's Piggies

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Phoebe: Phoebe is a little rascal. She is full of energy and just loves to get out there (literally) and cause a riot. She is big on her food (as most piggies are) and loves to mess around with the family. She loves giving Lucy a hair cut and always enjoys a cuddle!
Hillary: Hillary is the baby of the family, even though Phoebe is the youngest. Hilly is treated like a human and acts a bit like one too! She falls asleep in your lap every night and just loves taking food from your hand. This cheeky little ball of fluff is a favourite among the kids who come to visit!
Bazz: Welcome to my new piggie, Bazz (Short for Barry). Bazz was sitting in the pet store one day looking cute lol so I had a hold and we clicked! It was hard to con mum into letting me get a boar but he was worth every second of pleading and begging!! He has the sweetest personality and is really tame already!
Gimpie: Gimpie loves leafy greens and squeals the loudest when you come to see him in his hutch. His endearing personality captures everybody's heart. Nobody has ever been able to pass Gimpie without admiring his unique personality!
Hookesy: Hookesy likes pulling on Molly's (our Rabbit) fur and climbing on top of her. His Favourtie food is Carrots and he adores hay! A lovely cuddly little boy who loves his mummy!
Pickle: Pickle is a very gentle soul...Recognises his owner from distances and becomes agitated when anybody but him is being cuddled. Also enjoys climbing all over Molly and loves Celery.

Pictures and text by aL