10th February 2001 - 16th January 2006

My darling guinea pig Clover was around 12 weeks old when she came to live with me. I knew roughly how old she was and gave Clover a birthdate, 10th February 2001, so she could have a birthday to celebrate every year. Clover sadly passed away due to possible kidney failure on Monday 16th January 2006 aged almost 5 years.

After loosing my Primrose, I didn't want my Molly to live on her own so its partly why Clover came to live with us and I did always want two guinea pigs in my life. Molly accepted Clover straight away. Sadly Molly passed away a few weeks later but for the short time they were together, they were very happy.

Shortly afterwards, Peachy came to live with us. I remember when Clover met Peachy for the first time. Clover was a few weeks older than Peachy and Peachy was all excited in the hall, charging around. Clover kept nudging her and pushing her to say 'ahem I'm the boss you know!' but Peachy was still running around and popcorning. Feeling a bit ignored, Clover then started doing the same and they became wonderful close friends. Later, Squeekie (neutered boar) came to live with Clover and Peachy. Squeekie adored both girls and all 3 piggies were very happy together.

L to R Peachy, Squeekie and Clover

Clover was such a gentle girl with me and her cage mates. Clover had such a regal look about her, I always did call her lady Clover because much of the time, she'd gently take food out of my hand, unlike most piggies who snatch and run off :) She could be bossy at times with my other guinea pigs that were not her cage mates, but if she was on neutral ground with them, she was always very friendly.

When Clover made her journey to Rainbow Bridge, I think Peachy and Squeekie really missed her. If ever Peachy or Squeekie were worried, they used to turn to Clover for reassurance, she was their little comforter.

My dear Clover, I know you'll now be reunited with Molly and meet up with little Primrose too. I'm sure you'll be having little competitions with Molly to see who can lift their head the highest and share all the lovely green grass and clover that you come across. I miss you so much but I know we will be reunited one day my little sweetheart xx

Here are some lovely drawings and graphics that my friends made for me. Thank you so much to Merry for the lovely drawing of Clover holding a lovely little clover flower. A lovely drawing by aL showing Peachy, Squeekie, Sweetpea, Jake and Jasmine with angel Clover. Two lovely pictures of Clover by Cutecavy and the beautiful framed picture of Clover that you can see above was made for me by Kari. Kari also made me the little animation of Clover with her angel wings. Thank you all so much, they mean such a lot to me.

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