8th August 2002 - 17th March 2007

Our darling bunny Fiver was born 8th August 2002 and made his journey to Rainbow Bridge on Saturday 17th March 2007 aged 4 years and 8 months. Sadly Fiver developed a tooth abscess, but no matter how hard we tried, reoccurring abscesses just wouldn't go away. Through most of the seven weeks that we tried to help Fiver he was still our cheeky, lovable boy and knowing this, did bring us some comfort after loosing Fiver, but we really miss him.

Fiver came to live with us at 9 weeks old with Thumper. Fiver was such a lovely boy, easy to handle and very loving. From being a baby, Fiver had a few health problems. He would eat very little hay, even Timothy hay didn't tempt him so he ate unlimited high fibre Bunny Basics T pellets throughout his adult life. He enjoyed his vegetables, especially carrot and broccoli and as a treat a little wholemeal toast.

Fiver belonged to my eldest daughter Kathy who loved him very much and would do anything for him. We have so many happy memories of Fiver that will always stay us. He was such a cheeky boy. Fiver loved jumping on the settee to see if he could dig a rabbit hole. It was an old settee in the piggy/bun palace so we didn't mind him enjoying himself. Climbing the stairs was another of Fiver's favourite things to do and pulling any washing off the maiden :) Fiver often gave us his familiar cheeky look, you can see his cheeky look in the globe I made for him.

I'm sure Thumper our other bunny misses Fiver, even though they sometimes had bunny boxing matches through the cage when either one of them was free ranging. Much of the time they both just used to sniff each other as though they were both having a bunny conversation. The piggies will miss Fiver too as he used to love giving them little nose nuzzles through the cages while he was free ranging.

Dear Fiver, I just know you made your journey to Rainbow Bridge with my friend Mweekie's dear little kitten called Melza K who sadly passed away on the same day. I know your now re-united at Rainbow Bridge with Clover and Jasmine our piggies and Felix our cat who you also used to know. We love and miss you so much our wonderful Fiver, you'll be in our hearts forever xx

Here are a couple of pictures taken of Fiver in December 2006 and a lovely movie showing how much he loved our old settee.

Please click on the above picture of Fiver to view his movie

Here are also some beautiful gifts that were sent to my daughter Kathy and I in memory of Fiver. A beautiful cushion from my friend Treen. The lovely drawing of Fiver was drawn by Merry Also beautiful gifts from my friend Janet. The bunny crossing sign will be used for Thumper in memory of Fiver. Thanks so much Treen and Janet for the lovely gifts and of course many thanks to Merry for the lovely drawing of Fiver.

Please click on the pictures for a larger view

Please click on the pictures for a larger view

Baby Fiver with Baby Thumper

Fiver won 'Pet of the Month' at Birdboy's Place! Well done Fiver and many thanks to my friend Bird for making Fiver's lovely award.

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