7th September 2005 - 5th January 2008

Our sweet little Hammy made his journey to Rainbow Bridge on Saturday 5th January 2008, aged 2 years and 5 months.

Hammy was a sable banded Syrian hamster who came to live with us at 9 weeks old. His birthday was 7th September 2005 and Hammy belonged to my daughter Jenna. Hammy was our first hamster and is responsible for making us love hamsters even more.

Hammy was an adorable little boy who wasn't shy and would come to you wanting a treat. Each time Hammy woke up, he looked like Mr. Magoo with his eyes half shut, so this lovely expression had earned him the nickname Mr.Magoo. Hammy loved to snuggle up in his very expensive ice cream container bed. He'd use half to make a cosy bed and the other half to store his food. Although Hammy loved his older cage, my daughter Jenna bought Hammy a very large luxury house, it has 3 layers. We called the top floor Hammy's penthouse and its where he spent a lot of his time as it was also his bedroom. Hammy loved carrying his care-fresh up his two flights of steps to add to his bed. Even if you put care-fresh in his bed with his softer bedding, it was never enough and down he would go to gather more bedding. He loved his exercise ball. Sometimes he was in the company of my guinea pigs, they would follow Hammy in his ball, so adorable. I think he confused the piggies quite abit as he'd turn in different directions.

Hammy also had a lovely girlfriend called Princess Scritchit who lives with Wheekies from Diddly Di's Piggy Pages. Here is a locket I made for them both :)

Our dear little Hammy, we miss you so much but have so many happy memories of you to bring us comfort. Princess Scritchit will always love you too. Here is the lovely message she left you

*sniff* Hammy, you were the best and most gentlemanly boyfriend I could ever have wished for, I was so sad when Mummy told me you have gone for a trip over the Rainbow Bridge, but she said it is very pretty there and you'll be happy and will meet up with lots of old friends so I will really try not to be too sad when I think of you, we had such fun together didn't we, I will always remember us rolling in and out of the waves in our balls, I'll miss you Hammy and I'll always be *your* Princess Scritchit, no-one else's, Love Your Scritchit.xxxxx

Hammy always had this lovely picture of his Princess Scritchit on his page. Please click on Scritchit's banner below to visit Hammy's gorgeous little Scritchit.

Our little Hammy, we miss you so much, run free over at Rainbow Bridge our little boy, I'm sure Sweetpea and all our angel pets are taking great care of you xx

Here is a lovely gift that my friend Ann made us, thank you so much Ann, it means such alot to us.

Please click on the pictures for a larger view

Hammy won Pet of the Month at Birdboy's Place! Well done Hammy and many thanks to my friend Bird for making Hammy's adorable blinkie.

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