3rd July 2002 - 24th June 2007

My dear Jake made his journey to Rainbow Bridge a few days after the removal of a bladder stone, on Sunday 24th June 2007, less than two weeks off his 5th birthday.

Jake with his brother Squeekie came to live with me at 6 months old in early January 2003. I kept the boys original names but gave them middles name, Jake Simon and Squeekie Garfunkel. Not knowing exactly when they were born, I chose a date for them to celebrate their birthday based on when their previous owner had brought them home, which was 3rd July 2002. After a while the boys weren’t getting along as well, so with lots of research, both Jake and Squeekie were neutered and were able to live with my 4 girls. Jake lived with Sweetpea and Jasmine, Squeekie with Clover and Peachy in November 2003.

Jake was very shy and timid when he came to me but his confidence grew enormously, becoming a very out-going guinea pig. Jake was a gorgeous big boy who loved to rumble strut passed his ladies and always seemed to wave his hips while walking which earned him the nickname ‘Elvis’. While holding Jake he used to spread his little back legs out and always looked contented and relaxed. Jake was never a kissy piggy, but he loved to be held and cuddled.

Jake was very close to both Jasmine and Sweetpea and all 3 piggies got along really well. As little as Sweetpea is, she did used to be the boss around the food bowl and would moan at Jake if he forgot the saying 'ladies before gentlemen' and he always gracefully backed off until Sweetpea had finished eating, what a wonderful gentleman you was Jake.

My dear Jake aka Elvis, I know you are re-united with your cage mate Jasmine and I know you’ll be rumble strutting passed Peachy who you always made a beeline for when you were altogether. Run free my Jakey boy, I will miss you so much and will never forget you, keep doing your Elvis impression to impress the ladies. xx

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