14th February 2001 - 2nd May 2006

My beautiful Jasmine was born 14th February 2001 and sadly passed away on Tuesday 2nd May 2006 aged 5 years and 3 months.

Jasmine was a beautiful, gentle lady. My friend Wheekies described Jasmine as being a very feminine guinea pig and I thought what a lovely description as she really did have such a pretty face. With her cage mate Sweetpea, Jasmine came to live with me at around 18 months old. Although there was a question mark over her age, as her previous owners wasn't completely sure, so I gave Jasmine a birthdate so we could celebrate her birthday every year. I felt as though I had rescued Jasmine and Sweetpea as they were living outside, in a unhygienic hutch and wasn't given much attention. Thankfully I was able to give them a loving home and Jasmine spent over three and half happy years with me.

Jasmine and Sweetpea were the best of friends, although Sweetpea could be and still is very hyper so Jasmine used to have a little motherly moan at her. Sweetpea adored Jasmine, she could be often found cuddling up to Jasmine, I'm convinced Sweetpea thought she was her mother. Later, Jake, after being neutered, came to live with Jasmine and Sweetpea and all 3 piggies had a close relationship. My daughter Jenna used to call them a little family, Jasmine was mum, Jake was dad and Sweetpea the baby as she was smaller. Jasmine was so cuddly and would be happy to nose nuzzle under my chin for ages. I did used to have to place a towel under Jasmine as she wasn't too bothered about producing a little wee wee offering on me :) Although Jasmine was very happy to live with Sweetpea and Jake, she used to love her own space. Often she could be found in her favourite place, her piggy igloo.

I miss you so much darling Jassy. You will always have a special place in my heart. I know my other angel piggies, Clover, Molly and Primrose will be looking after you over at Rainbow Bridge and I'm sure you'll be running in fresh green fields with your sisters xx.

Here is one of many photos of my beautiful little lady that was taken a week earlier before she passed away and a heart warming gift from my friend Wheekies A lovely Jasmine flower scented candle and a beautiful card. Thank you so very much Wheekies.

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