4th June 2001 - 12th June 2007

My beautiful Peachy was born 4th June 2001 and passed away just after her 6th birthday on tuesday 12th June 2007.

Peachy was only 5 weeks old when she came to live with me, she was ever so tiny and a little bundle of fun. As soon as Peachy arrived, she wasn't at all nervous and darted around, popcorning at great heights. When I introduced her to Clover, even nudges from Clover didn't stop her running around. Seeing that Peachy wasn't any threat, Clover started doing the same and they became very close cage mates for nearly 5 years. Later, Peachy and Clover lived with Squeekie (neutered boar), all 3 piggies were very close.

We gave Peachy her name because of her bright orange colour but the name Orange didn't seem very cute so we called her after a shade of Orange and that's how she came to be called Peachy. Throughout Peachy's life she was the most affectionate of all my guinea pigs and acted very much like a little puppy, giving me piggy kisses every time I held her. Just one cuddle from Peachy and she'd melt all my worries away.

Peachy had very funny habits. After free-range time, she always liked to go to the same spot for me to pick her up. Another of Peachy's habits was that she enjoyed eating wet cardboard or newspaper. While in her cage, she thought nothing of biting a piece of newspaper off, popping it into the water bowl and then eat it. Peachy did the same with cardboard toilet rolls.

A sentence from a song that I sometimes sing to my guinea pigs is 'You're lovely to me, yes you are' (by Lucky Jim) and I'm sure Peachy understood because she used to look at me, followed by a piggy kiss. While also holding Peachy she used to make little repeated noises 'chut chut' purr purr', Peachy was such a happy loving little girl.

My dear Peachy, I miss you so much, it hurts me not to see you but I know you are now re-united with your close friend Clover who used to look after you and your also with Jasmine again who you really liked. My Eachy Peachy as I affectionately called you, you're in my heart forever, I will never forget you and all the love you gave me xx

Below is a gorgeous picture of my Peachy with her angel wings. Many thanks to my friend Livie The above animation of Peachy munching away is what I made for her 6th birthday. I've also included a little movie below of Peachy celebrating her 6th birthday.

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Peachy won Pet of the Month at Birdboy's Place! Well done Peachy and many thanks to my friend Bird for making Peachy's lovely blinkie.

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