3rd July 2002 - 15th April 2009

My darling Squeekie along with his brother Jake, came to live with me in January 2003 at 6 months old and Squeekie made his journey to Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday 15th April 2009 aged 6 years and 9 months.

Later on in the year of 2003, Squeekie and Jake were both neutered as they wern't getting along as well. Squeekie then went on to live with Clover and Peachy and Jake went to live with Jasmine and Sweetpea, my 6 darling piggies became my two little herds of piggies.

Squeekie adored his ladies, all 3 guinea pigs were so closely bonded. Both Peachy and Squeekie always turned to Clover if they were worried, she really was the matriarch of their little group. Sometimes, my six piggies would have their free-range time together. Jake and Squeekie, amazingly got on well together, although I think the big distraction for Jake was my Peachy who he always made a beeline for. Squeekie loved being around ladies and got on very well with Jasmine and Sweetpea whenever they were together.

After Squeekie lost his Clover in 2006, Squeekie continued to live with his Peachy. Both Peachy and Jake passed away within weeks of each other in 2007. Squeekie then went to live with Sweetpea who he really loved. In December 2007, sadly Squeekie lost his Sweetpea and its then Beatrix came into his life. Both Squeekie and Beatrix became so very close, very quickly. Because of the age gap, we used to call Squeekie 'Professor Henry Higgins' and Beatrix 'Eliza Doolittle' :) So during Squeekie's long life he had lived with 4 ladies and knew 5.

Squeekie was one of the most cuddly guinea pigs I've ever known. Squeekie would purr as soon as I lifted him up and would continue to purr while gently stroking him. He was so affectionate and I will dearly miss his cuddles under my chin while watching Coronation Street or Eastenders. Squeekie passed down a 'lovely piggy tradition' and taught Beatrix how to stand up against the cage when it was time to go in. Just the words, 'go on in' and they'd both run up to their cage, stand up and wait to be lifted. A trick Squeekie learnt from Clover and Peachy. Squeekie also taught little Sweetpea to do the same.

My darling 'Mr Funny Face' as I affectionately called you, I miss you so much. Thank you for all the happy years we shared, you was such a special boy. I know now you are reunited with Clover, Peachy, Sweetpea, Jasmine and Jake. I have a beautiful cross stitch picture in a frame of you and my 5 other piggies that my friend Merry made for me. I've kept it on my bedside cabinate for years. Now when I look at it every night, I know my 6 piggies are together forever.

Run free over at Rainbow Bridge dear Squeekie, you'll be in my heart forever

Here is a beautiful picture made for me of Squeekie with his angel wings. A lovely gift from a very thoughtful member at Wheeker's Guinea Pig Forum. Thank you so much equestrianjumper, it means such alot to me.

I have so many favourite video's of Squeekie. In this video, staring Squeekie with his Sweetpea, the song goes beautifully with the film and even more so at the end of the movie. I have also included a lovely video of Squeekie and Beatrix together. Both video's portray just what a wonderful guinea pig, my Squeekie was.

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Squeekie won Pet of the Month at Kazzys Cavies for April 2006 Well done Squeekie and many thanks to my friend Karen for making Squeekie's lovely certificate.

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