19th July 2002 - December 16th 2007

My dear little Sweetpea made her journey to Rainbow Bridge in the early hours of December 16th 2007 aged 5 years and 5 months.

Sweetpea came to live with me in October 2002 with her cage mate Jasmine. Although Sweetpea was very nervous at first, Sweetpea's confidence grew to be outstanding, I've never known a guinea pig to be so bold and out-going. I wasn't sure how old Sweetpea was when she came to live with me so I based my calculations on her size. I thought she was roughly three months old. I gave Sweetpea a birth date to celebrate her birthday, which was 19th July 2002.

Sweetpea was a gorgeous little girl who was very friendly and wanted to be everyone's friend. All my guinea pigs that she lived with or spent time with were very happy and relaxed in her company. Sweetpea always developed a close bond with her cage mates, she adored Jasmine, often cuddling her, I'm sure Sweetpea saw Jasmine as her mother. She loved and accepted Jake very quickly when he came to live with them. Later in her life, she lived with Squeekie who she also loved and adored. With me, Sweetpea was such a cuddly girl, never afraid whenever I lifted her up into my arms, she was also very generous her piggy kisses. The only time Sweetpea was ever abit grumpy was if anyone came between her and her food, especially her vegetables, as small as Sweetpea was she was very feisty and could stand her ground.

During Sweetpea's life she was a very busy girl, which included writing poetry and running a company. Sweetpea was born wearing lily white trousers and with a little help from me, wrote a poem about them Sweetpea's Lily White Trousers Sweetpea also ran a little company called Sweetpea's Inc with her Auntie Janet Sweetpea's Inc

When I received my first Olga Da Polga book written by Michael Bond, I was amazed how much my Sweetpea looked liked Olga, as you can see.

My dear little Sweetpea, I miss you so much, your constant little happy chut chut noises and wheeking for food at every opportunity. Even when you was diagnosed and treated for a thyroid problem at 5 years old and I needed to hand-feed you to help keep your weight keep stable, you was always so gentle and a sweetheart to feed, you never complained. I will always love you Sweetpea and knowing you are now re-united with your close friends Jasmine, Jake, Peachy and Clover, brings me comfort when I'm missing you. Run free over at Rainbow Bridge my beautiful, funny, feisty little Sweetpea xx

Here is a lovely gift from my friend Ann, thank you so much Ann, its beautiful and means such alot to me.

Here are a couple of pictures of Sweetpea flowers, the beautiful flower my Sweetpea was named after. The first picture was given to me by my friend Linda from Wheekers, thank you Linda and the other picture is the one I used to make Sweetpea's flower globe.

Please click on the pictures for a larger view

In December, Sweetpea won an award at Wheekers Cavy Forum for the most colourful guinea pig. I'm sure Sweetpea is telling all her friends at Rainbow Bridge and feeling very proud. Thank you to everyone who voted for my dear little Sweetpea.

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