6th August 2002 - 4th May 2009

Our dear Thumper came to live with us at 9 weeks old with our other bunny Fiver who became an Angel bunny in 2007. Both buns lived indoors with us, they really were part of our family. Our darling Thumper made her journey to Rainbow Bridge on Monday 4th May 2009 aged 6 years and 9 months.

Thumper was so tiny when she arrived and grew up to be such a large, beautiful rabbit. Thumper belonged to my daughter Jenna but my other daughter Kathy took on the role as Thumper's 'adopted mum'. Kathy spent many happy hours with Thumper each day. Thumper used to follow Kathy everywhere she went and she would lick Kathy's clothes as though she was grooming her, it was so sweet to see. They really were the best of friends. Thumper has left such a huge gap in Kathy's life but she is grateful for all the happy years they spent together.

Kathy could never bring herself to use what I call a 'Generals voice' to get Thumper to do something, as we couldn't use pellets to get Thumper to go in her home every-time. I became 'The General' and I always jokingly told Thumper, 'Now I'm the General and you are the Officer', 'so go on in' meaning go in her home. Often she did but many times she'd give me the runaround and only go in when 'she was ready'. As soft as Thumper was, she was such an independent bunny and would make her feelings known if she was a little annoyed about something. Sometimes, while I was cleaning her cage, she would pop her nose in, making sure I'm doing it correctly, roles were often reversed and Thumper became 'The General' :) Thumper also used to nudge me either as a hint for me to move or she wanted her veg, she really was a cheeky but extremly affectionate bunny.

Thumper was such a healthy rabbit for most of her life, producing marble sized poops for us to admire. She loved her Timothy hay, vegetables and most of all her pellets, but we used to have to limit them as she was prone to gaining too much weight. Whenever Thumper was out of her home, my daughter Kathy would shake her food bowl and Thumper would immediately go in her home and sit and wait until she was given her pellets.

Here is a lovely video of Thumper taken on her 6th Birthday

Our dear Thumper, you have left such a huge gap in our lives. Not seeing you anymore is heartbreaking and not seeing you and my daughter Kathy together, its like a part of her is missing, but we know you are happy over at Rainbow Bridge. You are now renited with dear Fiver. You can continue to have nose nuzzles with all my angel piggies, you was always so gentle with your nose nuzzles. We will always love you, thank you for being a wounderful friend to my daughter Kathy xx

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Baby Thumper with baby Fiver

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