Anna's Piggies

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Buddy: He is a Coronet mixed. I adopted him when he was about 4-6 months old. He is a hogger of the food bowl, always making his cagemate Sammy wait his turn. He's a pretty sweet guy once you get him in your lap and rub his little head. But getting him out of the cage is a chase, and he enjoys it! He likes to stalk around during floor time and rumble at anything that moves. He sounds like a little lion claiming his territory. He doesn't know what to think about his new buddies. I just adopted 2 more piggies, and I think he will have them bowing down soon, if he can ever get them to be still!
Sammy: This is Sammy. I am not certain what kind of piggy he is? He's my sweet boy. I adopted him along with his cagemate Buddy. He is very affectionate. He will sit in your lap all day and nibble at your fingers. I think he would eat anything you handed to him! He is also pretty lazy, he doesn't much like his floor time. He would rather sit around and munch all day. He is also a kisser. As you see here!
Butters: This is Butters. He is an Abbysinian. He is my newest baby at 8wks old. He seems shy, but don't let him fool you. At a moments notice he will be running around wheeking for attention. He is also a little rooter. He likes to root underneath anything that will fit his little head. Especially if it's covers or bedding. He loves to play hide and find me. He will hide behind or in his pigloo and wait for you to call his name before he will appear and run up to you.
Lil Budah: This is Lil Budah. We named him Lil Budah because he loves for his belly to be rubbed! He is Butters cagemate. He is also 8 wks old. He is a Coronet/Agouti mix. Now this is my shy boy. As you see the docile look he gives you while waiting for his picture to be taken. He is a very picky eater already! He only eats certain things out of his pellet mix and will only peck at his veggies. He is very calm. He will sit in your lap as you pet him and fall asleep. And when its time to go back in his home he will cry softly until you decide to hold him a little longer. Shy or just good at melting hearts?

Pictures and text by Anna