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Many households care for more than one type of animal so I decided to create a links page featuring many lovely animals. Here you will find lots of great websites, with many having heaps of interesting and helpful information. I've also included some wildlife sites. You can also take a ride on the 'Animal Train' to see lots of other pet/animal related sites. There are also many pet site lists that we are members of.

All the banners are listed in alphabetical order, each with a heading. I'll be including more sites as I find them. Any pet sites that are home to more than one animal, will be under the first heading 'Assorted Pets'

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Take a ride on the animal train to view many pet sites.

The Rail

Here are some pet site lists that we are members of. If you have time, please can you vote for us. Just clicking onto one button is very much appreciated. Thank you so much!

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