Beatrix, also affectionately called Bea or Bea Bea.
Not knowing exactly when Beatrix was born, as she came from a rescue, I thought she was around 6 months old. I chose a date for Bea to celebrate her birthday, which is 1st July based on the day I brought Beatrix home which was 31st December 2007. Beatrix is now one year old.
She is a beautiful tortoise shell and white Ridgeback guinea pig. She has a very white tummy and has one pink ear and one brown. I was told at the rescue she is a Ridgeback so I looked up her breed and found a site dedicated to Beatrix's breed. Click on the following link to read about Ridgeback Guinea Pigs Beatrix also has a special place on the site with many other Ridgeback guinea pigs from all over the world, see if you can find her.
Cage Mate
Beatrix is a very confident little lady, very affectionate and also very loud lol Now that Beatrix is living with my other female, Maisie, Beatrix insist that she is top pig which Maisie is very happy to accept. Maisie adores Beatrix and both girls are now very closely bonded.
Likes and Dislikes
Beatrix adores being stroked under her chin while raising her head very high. So far she hasn't nudged my hand away when stroking her, she really does love the attention. She enjoys running laps around things, anything from her cage to a log tunnel, she sounds like a mini stampede of elephants and runs at great speeds. So far Beatrix hasn't turned her nose up at any new food I've given, she especially likes red bell pepper, cucumber and carrot. Beatrix doesn't like sudden loud noises but she has now become more used to the sound of the hoover.

See and hear Beatrix in her lovely movie, munching on her red bell pepper. Just click on her picture above.

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New pictures of Beatrix added August 2008

Beatrix won 'Pet of the Month' at Birdboy's Place! Well done my lovely Beatrix and many thanks to my friend Bird for making the lovely award for Beatrix.

A picture slide of Beatrix's 1st Birthday

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