Carol's Piggies

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Hattie: Here is my gorgeous, gorgeous Hattie. She is the most cuddly, lovable piggie you could have. Loves to lick your chin and cheeks when you cuddle her and you can kiss right down her nose and she presses against your lips!!!. She has had tremendous health problems, the worst being last year. She has recently gained over an ounce and is heavier now than she has ever been at 2lb 6oz. I adore her and even though I know you shouldn't have favourites, I have got to own up to having a special affinity with my Hattie!!
Biscuit: This is Biscuit. She is Hattie's sister and will be four next August. The most lovable piggie you could ever imagine. She purrs all the time. Absolutely loves food!!
Dobbin: Dobbin is our biggest boy! Weighing in at 3lb8oz. He is as cheeky as anything and very intelligent. Give him an inch and he takes a yard!!!
Pip and Bouneville: Pip and Bouneville are Dobbin's brothers. They were one last January. Pip was the runt of the litter and had to be hand fed for a while. Bourneville is rather shy but is the first to rush to the hutch door for a piece of water melon!!!
Bonnie: Bonnie is the three boys sister, born in the previous litter to them. She was very shy and a little depressed when we first got her last February. She had her first birthday the November before. Her shyness has vanished and she is a bundle of mischief. Bonnie has fat cheeks (mainly hair) which makes her look like she is permanently whistling!!

Pictures and text by Carol