Cambridge Cavy Trust

The Cambridge Cavy Trust (CCT), founded by Vedra Stanley-Spatcher F.M.B.A.R. is a UK hospital that provides health care for guinea pigs and other small animals. CCT is a charity that relies heavily on donations and volunteers to help out.

Membership is 25.00 a year. There is no consultancy fee and health checks, dental work and nail clipping are free of charge.

Surgery hours are by appointment only. Call or send a text to Vedra on 07721 026401. Please be patient, the hospital is very busy and they may not be able to answer your call straight away.


Cambridge Cavy Trust
1 Splash Lane
PE28 2AF

Whenever you contact CCT by mail, please remember to enclose a stamped adressed envelope. Please support this excellent charity by becoming a member. Vedra has been an immense help whenever I've needed health advice for my guinea pigs.

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