Chloe's Piggies

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Pip: This is Pip, he is only 2 months old at the moment and is very small, but he is very lively and loves to jump into a big bundle of hay. He has a big appetite and loves runner beans. He also likes to run along the kitchen following Sarrie (next picture) he is very light and only weighs just over a pound as he was only about 6 weeks when we got him.
Sarrie: This Guinea pig is Sarrie, he was bought at the same time as Pip and they get along well even though Sarrie is quite a lot bigger. He was about 10 weeks when we got him and he loves carrots and hay. He has some long hair and strikes of ginger and is about 18 to 20 weeks old
Chops: I think Chops is an agouti and is about 7 weeks old and is very tiny! You could be mistaken for thinking he is a hamster. He is very sociable and loves a cuddle.

Pictures and text by Chloe