Collected Guinea Pig Graphics

I just couldn't resist starting a collection of guinea pig graphics that I have found. You'll find guinea pig clip art, pictures and animations. I have placed a link under each section. Please don't take any of the piggies from here, just visit each link to view the owners terms of use.

These lovely guinea pigs were created by Kari, aren't they delightful! I have also adopted many of Kari's guinea pigs in my cyberpet centre. You'll find lots more adorable graphics at Kari's site. Click on Kari's button below.

Here are some delightful pictures that was drawn by Tracey Sammie. I proudly own one of Tracey's original drawings which you can see in my art gallery. Tracey has drawn many gorgeous drawings and she is also the illustrator of one of Peter Gurney's books called 'Piggy Potions'. Visit Comfy Cavies Clipart to see lots more of Tracey's work.

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