Credit Page

Many of the guinea pig drawings in my graphic centre were drawn and coloured by me. However, I have used a few drawings that were specially made for me by my friend Merry Thank you very much Merry.

Paint Shop Pro Tubes: I have also used many wonderful paint shop pro tubes from other sites. If anyone notices a tube that hasn't been given any credit, I will gladly add the site here. As far as I'm aware, many tube sites didn't require a link back, but I do like to give credit for all the site owners hard work. Occasionally I have used tubes on my site that I've had for a few years and have lost the site address. I will of course update this page if I find the sites on my travels.

Tubes by Amanda
Tube Territory
Tubes by JCW Designs
Country Daze Tubes
Free PSP6 Tubes
Mar's Design Tubes

Tiled Backgrounds: I have used many lovely floral tiles and pattern tiles to create graphics in my guinea pig graphic centre.

Rosie's Background Tiles
Rainbow Row's Graphics

Assorted Graphics: So far I haven't used any graphics from the site below for my graphics centre, however I have used a few graphics for other areas of my site, including the lovely gold frame you can see on Beatrix's page. Please visit the link to Helecas Graphics below, you'll spend hours finding lots of lovely graphics.

Helecas Graphics

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