Adopt a Cyber Guinea Pig

Welcome, here are my baby guinea pigs for you to adopt. Adopt as many baby guinea pigs as you like. My piggies have names but if you prefer to choose a new name, your very welcome to change it. Please save the baby guinea pigs as a gif file so they remain animated and download to your own computer.

Please make sure you take a certificate that belong with my baby piggies and link the certificate back to There are two certificates for you to choose from. I have included a code below to help you place your certificate on your site. Also make sure you have read the adoption agreement.

Baby Adrian

Baby Anika

Baby Gizmo

Baby Maria

Baby Polly

Baby Sultana

Baby Blackcurrant

Baby Peachy

Baby Sarah

Baby Antonio

Certificate 1

Certificate 2

If your not sure how to link a certificate back, please copy and paste the code below. All you need to change is these words in the code "url of certificate" and replace with the url of where you are linking your certificate from. This code is also suitable for MySpace.

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