Donna's Piggies

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Fudge, Lara and Fluffy: Our first three guinea pigs, Fudge, Lara and Fluffy. This is our first herd, this is where it all began…..
Fudge: Fudge is my Husband Paul’s G.P. – She is big and strong and she is the leader of all guinea pigs. She keeps the others in order and is a beautiful elegant girl.
Lara: Lara is my first G.P. I named her after Lara Croft, but she is the total opposite to tomb raider, she is a very quiet and shy girl, but she is beautiful all the same.
Fluffy: Fluffy is our son Matt’s G.P. He chose her and named her after the hamster he had when he was younger. Unfortunately Fluffy is no longer with us and at the tender age of 1 ˝ years is now with Peter Gurney in the sky. I love her so much and miss her every day.
Nancy: Nancy was the 4th G.P to come into our life. We were picking up our usual supplies up from the pet shop and we noticed her. She was all alone in the corner. She was so small and looked so lonely, we just had to take her home.
Charlotte: Charlotte was our 5th G.P. Fluffy was ill and we had separated her from the others. We now needed company for Fluffy so Paul suggested a baby piglet would be the best solution. Charlotte has now grown into a lovely big girl, even larger than Fudge, she is very clever and very pretty and beautiful.
Boris (AKA Gemma): Matt and I were picking up G.P supplies in the summer holidays 2006. We noticed this lovely baby piglet. We were told she was a girl and we thought we would put her in with Fluffy and Charlotte. She was so small and should have been with her mother still…. We had to take her home…. A few months after being home I noticed strange behaviour. Anyway, Gemma turned out to be a boy and had to have the op, to enable him to stay!!! Now Gemma is known as Boris the Bear.
Little Lou: Little Lou was the prettiest girl in the petshop. I named her after the girl who helped us in the shop. Her name was Louise. Little Lou is the cutest girl. She is so loving and loves to be cuddled. She is very similar to Charlotte, very placid and laid back.
Ellie Mae: Ellie Mae was chosen by Paul on the same day as Little Lou. Our 2 herds were now complete. 4 piglets in each. Ellie is a naughty piglet. She tries to dominate Boris and Lou. She likes to have her own log cabin to herself. Very naughty, yet still loved very much.
The Gang: From left to right: Fudge, Nancy, Fluffy, Boris (A.K.A. Gemma B4 the op.!!!), Little Lou, Ellie, Lara & Charlotte.
All grown up: The gang all grown up
On the lawn: The gang enjoying the great outdoors.

Pictures and text by Donna