Eve's Piggies

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Ellie: She is very cute and loves to be stroked. Ellie’s favourite toy is a chube (i.e. chewable tube) and she loves her playground (a giant box made by mum which takes up half the living room). When Ellie was very young she used to rush around their cage in a hyperactive way. Ellie has some really cute moments and everything she does is sooooooooo cute! She and Becky love spinach and squeak whenever they hear a bag (it sounds like a spinach bag) Mostly Ellie sqeaks. This pic was taken early December 2006. Ellie is very loyal and pokes Becky all the time because she’s trying to...well...poke and Becky bites poor Ellie. Ellie’s fur sticks up everywhere and she loves hay (she looks like a ball of hay). Ellie is 8 months old.
Becky: Blobby Becky is in charge! She is anything but sweet, very independent and still runs if I try to stroke her in her cage. For a few weeks Becky used to bite when she was being picked up. She loves to sit on your lap and doze off in guinea pig style (she dozes of anywhere!). Becky loves to be hand fed and sometimes likes to be stroked. She only likes the green bits in her food bowl and is quite picky. Becky might not be sweet but she is beautiful, I am not just saying that to be boastful, look at her colouring. Becky likes Ellie in her own piggy way and likes to sit with her in their square pigloo thingy (dunno what it’s called!). Cucumbers and Becky get on well with each other – cucumbers is not a guinea pig as you might have thought – and she loves to eat! Not like Ellie, Becky doesn’t react to her name. This pic was taken early December 2006. Becky is 8 months old.
Becky Again: A modern day pic of Becky in her cage (i.e. February 2007)
Ellie and Becky: Ellie and Becky together.

Pictures and text by Eve