Felix - 5th September 1985 - 21st February 2004

Our beautiful cat Felix was born 5th September 1985 and made his journey to Rainbow Bridge aged 18 years and 6 months. Felix had cancer during the last two years of his life but thankfully for most of that time, Felix was hardly affected by it. Sadly though, Felix lost his battle with cancer on Saturday 21st February 2004.

John my husband and I found Felix at a cat rescue centre, as you can see from the first two pictures below, he was such a tiny kitten, I fell in love with him straight away. He was a little poorly so we couldn't take him home straight away. Thankfully Felix recovered from his illness and we was able to take him home a week later. Felix was such a soft, gentle boy, although he didn't enjoy going to the vets and would turn into abit of a wild cat :) He was always glad to arrive home again after any vet visits. Even when Felix was in his golden time, he still chased Tom cats out of his garden, but he always welcomed lady cats. He loved his food, as a treat, we used to give him the fish from a fish finger, carefully removing the bread crumbs for him. He also loved tuna as a treat. If something was cooking that smelled nice to him, he would meow for England, wanting his share.

We miss Felix so much, he was a very big part of our family for 18 and half years. I look down the garden knowing I'll never see him again under his favourite bush or sunbathing out on the lawn. Its a comfort to know that Felix is at Rainbow Bridge meeting up with his two female cats that he didn't mind coming into his garden. Little Merry, who was also black, sadly she passed away at a young age and Polly a black and white cat who often came into his garden.

Our dear Felix, we miss you so much, we'll never forget you, you'll be forever in our hearts xx

Here are some wonderful drawings that my friend Alix did for me and the lovely animation above was made by my friend Merry, thank you so much Alix and Merry, they mean such a lot.

Please click on the pictures for a larger view

Two lovely animations, Felix playing with wool was made by Alix and the animation of Felix showing what he thought of people that didn't like cats :), was made by Bird. Thank you so much Alix and Bird.

Felix won 'Pet of the Month' at Birdboy's Place! Well done Felix and many thanks to my friend Bird for making Felix's lovely award.

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