Friend's Little Angels

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Treen's Chas: Chas was one of Charlie's babies. She was the most unconditionally friendly and happy of all the pigs - always pleased to be stroked and cuddled by anyone. A total attention seeker and very manipulative with it - she was definitely the owner of the loudest wheek and the highest popcorn. Chas was happy to accept her place as the lowest ranking female, content on idolising the others (especially the females, she was never very keen on the boys). She passed away due to liver failure in January 2003 and is sorely missed.
Treen's Ziggy: Ziggy was also one of Charlie's babies, and was the Romeo of the herd. Like his brother Tefal, he was neutered, and when Teef decided he wasn't actually very keen on Ziggy, they parted company and lived with their own selection of ladies. Ziggy was a slave to the ladies and spent much time rumblestrutting around them with his head held high. There was barely a second of the day that he wasn't making some kind of rumble, chunter or squeak - he was a very chirpy little fella. Ziggy had several health problems throughout his years including dental problems and respiratory infections, but always fought them bravely with the help of an excellent vet. However in September 2003 he became ill with a respiratory infection and it was too much for him and despite veterinary attention, he passed away within a day of becoming ill. He was an adorable pigger and is very much missed.
Wheekie's Felicity: Felicity passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday 19th March 2003 aged 5 and a quarter - I was lucky enough to get home in time to be able to hold and stroke her whilst she slipped away. Felicity was a very gentle pig with a beautiful nature, she loved a cuddle and happily 'piggy kissed' my arms, she is very much missed, especially by her sister Allyson. Rest in peace little Flicky.
Pauline's Jenna and Jackie: Here are my lovely girls Jenna and Jackie. I know my friends Jackie and her lovely daughter Jenna were very proud when I named the girls after them. They were two beautiful sisters who passed away in March 2003, they are very much missed.
Pauline's Mr.Frosty: Mr Frosty passed in August 2003, I loved him so much. I just want to say he was a such a gentle piggy, I will never forget him.
aL's Minky: Minky was a special Guinea Pig. She wasn't just a pet to me. She was my friend when I needed someone to talk to, trusted companion when I was in trouble and I depended on her as much as she did on me. People dont realise how special Piggies are until they are gone. You dont realise what a big role in your life they played just for being there. I love you Minky, and I miss you more and more each day. You will never be forgotton by me, nor by your piggy friends that are still here with me. Missing someone gets easier every day. Because, even though it is one day further from the last time you saw each other, it is one day closer to the next time you will meet. Please read my poem, dedicated to Minky
Merry's Hoppy: I got Hoppy and her sister, Lily, in May 2001. Hoppy was a pretty agouti brown color and Lily was albino; white with red eyes. They were so cute to watch together and I loved listening to their tiny squeaks when they were wrestling. Sadly, Lily died of a terrible accident at a very early age, so Hoppy lived alone for most of her life. I once tried introducing her to my new baby guinea pig, Spicy, but she said she didn't want to have a guinea pig for a friend. Hoppy was a very mischievous gerbil and loved chewing her way out of her cage and running away to dangerous places like basements. But she made it through it all, and even though I'm sure I never gave her all the attention I should have, she remained a very happy and active gerbil until the day she died in my hands on March 23, 2003. Only after she's gone do I fully realize what a wonderful and special gerbil she really was. Now she and Lily are happily playing again in Heaven, but till I go see her again, I will always have her cheerful little personality in my memory. Here is a poem that I wrote, about my little Hoppy
Merry's Midi: Midmoon the Rat was one of our first rodent pets and he saw many others come and go. We bought him at the pet store when he was a tiny fuzzy baby. At first we were going to call him Midnight, but then I pointed out the white spot on his tummy and we stuck "Midnight" with "Moon" and came up with "Midmoon!" He was a very sweet little rat. He only ever bit anyone once, that's when he tried to crawl under the couch and we had to pull him rather roughly out. He would kiss you all the time, and ride on your shoulder as you went around the house. Everyone who was brave enough to get to know this little rat fell in love with him. Midi died of old age at three years old, a few months after I got Shakira. We all miss him, but if pets go to Heaven this great little rat will be there.

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