Friend's Little Angels

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Louise's Wonky: Wonky was a rescue piggy who was much loved and sadly missed.
Louise's Jelly Baby: Jelly baby was brought to the rescue as a hand reared youngster because he Mum would not feed her. She had deformed hips. She received Reiki treatment as well as liquid calcium and supplement feeds and slept in an incubator at night as she was so tiny and often felt the cold. She hated other pigs and people too and ( despite her tiny size ) was prone to bite and draw blood. She eventually found a friend in Biscuit ( who was sterile ) and shared her cage with him. She was a bit bossy with him though most of the time. Jelly Baby ( JB ) passed away in her sleep aged only 7 months old. She was a pig with attitude and captured my heart. I love you and miss you little lass.
Louise's Biscuit: Biscuit was brought to my rescue and found a lovely home. Unfortunately his owners circumstances changed and he was brought back once more. This time I decided to keep him as a sponsor pig and pet. He had numerous cysts but I felt he was too old to undergo an anaesthetic to remove them as he was otherwise fit and healthy. Biscuit died this year ( 2003 ) due to renal failure. He was 5 years old. he was a very special pig and I miss him loads.
Louise's Damien: Damien arrived at the rescue in November 2001, with a huge tumour on his stomach. It was successfully removed 2 days later. I fell in love with him and he was kept as a sponsor pig and pet. Damien was always prone to cystitis. He lived at the rescue for almost 2 years before passing away peacefully in his sleep earlier this year ( 2003 ) He was a lovely, easy going pig and will be sadly missed.
Wheekie's Yellow-bird: Yellow-bird sadly passed away in October 2003, she was Blue-boys cage mate and a very close companion. She will be very much missed, especially by Blue-boy.
Louise's Buffy: Buffy arrived at the rescue on 3rd July 2003. She was a 6.5 year old Buff Agouti. She was so sweet and so old I decided to keep her. Buffy was blind in one eye due to cataracts. This was her 4th home to date so she had basically been passed from pillar to post! She was only with me a short time but spent most of the summer out in the run , munching grass and having a good time. She had a very sweet nature and loved being handled. On 9th November, late at night I found her dead in her cage. She had passed away in her sleep. Although she had died peacefully it still doesn't stop the pain you feel when loosing any animal you care for. Her time here was short but her impact was huge. She was a dear little girl who will be sadly missed.
Chloe's Plop: This is Plop, he is sadly no longer with us and he passed away in November. He is Sylvies brother even though they don't look much alike! He was always a bit lazy but he loved running down the garden chasing Sylvie in the summer, his favourite food was cucumber.
Piggle's Christmas: Christmas was born in around September 2002 and his nicknames included Crimbo, Crimble Pie, Billy and Small Pig (although he wasn't particularly small!). He was not at all shy, very messy and loved climbing (he thought he was a hamster!) - although not particularly agile at it! Christmas was the escape artist of the pigs and he'd managed to clamber over and out of his cage twice! He'd eat anything in front of him and his hobbies included purring at the ladies, nibbling on toes and fingers, and begging for food. Sadly my lovely Christmas passed away on the 8th November 2003, he will be very much missed.
Treen's Tefal: Tefal was Charlie's son. He was a complete softie and would happily flop out on your lap to receive plenty of his favourite rubs behind the ear. He loved the ladies too (he was neutered at six months old so was quite safe!) and was a complete gent with them. He spent hours grooming them all to perfection and giving up boxes and pigloos for them (just so long as no one asked him to give up a baby tomato!). Teef was always first out of the cage when the doors open in the morning - he usually started with a quick popcorn around the room. He was very energetic and very, very nosy! Tefal passed away in January 2004, just a day after being diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately it progressed so quickly from him first displaying any symptoms, that despite getting him to the vet straight away, he died before we had the chance to try and help him. But thankfully it was a very short period of illness for him to endure. Teef was a smashing little pig, and he will be dearly missed.
Piggle's Pigwig: Dear little Pigwig was my first guinea pig and a friendly affectionate pig who loved to lick and nibble your fingers. Sadly she passed away after a long convalescence following a big operation. She is sorely missed and will be remembered forever.

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Pictures and text by Louise, Wheekies, Chloe, Piggles and Treen

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