Melissa's Poem

Here is a lovely poem written by my friend Melissa which is dedicated to our bunny Fiver and my friend Mwheekie's little kitten Melza K. Both Fiver and Melza K made their journey to Rainbow Bridge on the same day. This poem is also dedicated to all our pets who have crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. Thank you so much Melissa.

From a Pet

By Melissa

You come to this world
So small
So helpless
You rely on a human
To care for you

You place your life into their hands
And you pray
That they will care for you well

When you find
That your human
Is good and kind
You relax, you feel happy
You thrive

You show them your real side
Your true self
You wait to see if they still care

Will they still hug you
If you wet their lap
Will they still care
If you fall ill
Will they still play with you
If you get mad
Will they still love you
If you were to die

You learn that you are lucky
To have such an 'owner'
You learn that you should be grateful
You love them too
Like they were your own
You be good to them
As they are to you

And you know
That even if you wet them
They will still hug you
That if you fall ill
They will still care
That if you get mad
They will still play with you
That if you should die
They will still love you
And miss you
And you shall never
Be replaced
Never forgotten

You are safe
Even when you die
You are safe

You are home

Copyright © Melissa