~Fun and Games Links~

First of all, can you see the little kitten on the left-hand corner of the page?. If you you click on her, she will follow your mouse. When you want her to stop chasing your mouse, just click on her again and she will return back home. Isn't she adorable! If you'd like a kitten to live on your page, visit Neko Kitten

On this page you will find fun and games links that my piggies and I like to visit. We hope you enjoy them. Just close the page you are viewing when you want to return back here.

~New: Photo Fun: added May 2008~

My Theme On-line Editor A Lovely site where you can do amazing things to your photo's, including add a water or bubble effect. You can even add snow to pictures like this one.

Blingee: Glitter Grahics A fun site where you can add animations and glitter graphics to your photo's.

Imikim: Customize Your Pictures Another great site where you can customize your pictures, including making a birthday card with your photo for family members or friends and send it by e-mail.

~Fun Pages~

Find Your Fairy: Just add your first and second name ( don't worry, nobody else will see it ) and see what your fairy is called. My fairy's names is Tangle Goblinshimmer. She is a bringer of riches and wealth. She lives at the bottom of tangled gardens and in hedgerows. She is only seen when the first flowers begin to blossom.

Bubble Bee's Try and catch as many bee's as you can. Instructions on how to play are on the page. Don't forget to try and catch the wasps and flying clocks too. Good luck and a little warning! its very addictive!

Alien Code Try to guess the word before Marty the Martian lands his space ship!

Treen's Pigs: Piggy Pairs A great memory game where you need to match up pairs of guinea pig photo's. Different levels and easy to understand instructions. You'll find lots of other great guinea pig games too!

Draw and Colour A lovely site which has step by step instructions on how to draw a cartoon character, such as a penguin, a rabbit, a kitty and more.

Birthday Game Find out what day of the week you was born, your Chinese zodiac sign, your birthday flower and more.

Animated Signatures & Names Find your very own animated name that you can use to send e-mails to family and friends.

Number 1 UK Song Find out which song was number 1 on the day you was born. Mine was 'Little Sister' by Elvis Presley.

Guinea Pig Club: Online Games Lots of great guinea pig games, including 'feed the piggy', 'hit the grinch' and paint the guinea pig.

Bean Maker's Game Room Play 'catch the guinea pig', 'guinea pig word search' and test your knowledge in the guinea pig quiz area.

Guinea Pig Theatre Visit a delightful guinea pig theatre and see 'sound of music', 'Romeo and Juliet' and many more movies.

Yuki's Games Meet Yuki and play lots of games including Yuki's lemonade stand, Halloween games, Yuki scramble and many more great games.

~Animations: added May 2008~

Mini Animation Paradise: If your looking for animations to decorate your site or send with e-mails, you'll find almost every animation you could think of here. One of my favourite sites to visit.

~Seasonal Pages~

Cats Halloween Bowling See how many cats you can knock over, a great bowling game. Please note: the cats aren't real :)

Halloween Hangman An amusing game of hangman with a difference, a skeleton will speak to you and boy does he have a cheeky attitude!

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