~Guinea Pig Checkers~

Welcome to the game of Guinea Pig Checkers. We hope you enjoy this game! You are Gus the brown and white guinea pig and the computer is Midge the black and white guinea pig.

To start the game, just click on a guinea pig, then click on the nearest available green square and your piggy will automatically move. The computer (Midge) will make its move straight after. The object of the game is to make your way to the other side of the board and catch as many Midge's as you can a long the way. Try and reach the last row without getting caught. For you to remove Midge, there needs to be a space after the guinea pig.

Once you have made it to the other end, your guinea pig will have more powers. You'll see a slight change, he will sit on two buttons ( crowned ) and be able to not only move diagonally, but backwards and forwards. Remember until your guinea pig has extra powers, he can only move forward and not backwards. If you make a wronge move, a message will come up in the box. Good Luck!

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