Guinea Pig Welfare Check Clinic

I'd like to announce that there is a new guinea pig welfare check clinic in association with "Vets and Pets" and it opens on 9th August 2007. Its in Hertfordshire UK. It will be headed up by Karen Malt, BAR Rodentologist Health Advisor, alongside the practice vet Amir Kashiv.

I have known Karen via the internet for a long time and Karen has helped me immensely whenever I've needed medical information for my guinea pigs.

The clinic will be solely for guinea pigs, where basic health checks will be carried out e.g. nail clipping, ear/eye/skin/nether regions checks.

Any medical problems highlighted on the day outside the normal health check will be referred to Amir, the vet on the day.

The Clinic will normally be held on a Saturday from 12 noon - 4 pm, as the demand dictates.

Vets and Pets are a low cost veterinary practice, and bearing this in mind, the consult fee for this clinic will be 10 for the first GP and 3 for each and every other GP you bring along to the same consultation.

Should your GP(s) require X-Rays, Medication etc, there will be additional charges for these items

The practice are able to offer x-rays and dental examinations for guinea pigs without anaesthetic.

To book an appointment please contact Vets and Pets

Telephone: 01992 478 657

Faxsimile:01992 479 425

Unit 11b
Nazeing Glass Industrial Estate
Nazeing New Road
EN10 6SU

Karen's Site

Karen, Dave and Friends Karen and husband Dave run a website. At this present time, the site is under construction. However, more details about the clinic can be found on the site, including a map to the clinic.

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