I no longer help to run Wheekers Guinea Pig forum due to lack of time, but Wheekers has always been my favourite message board and I would recommend it to anyone who loves guinea pigs. Wheekers is run by two lovely ladies, Treen and Lesa. Wheekers also have nice moderators to help with the forum and guinea guides to help with any guinea pig questions you may have. You can chat about your guinea pigs, show their lovely photos and tell members about your other pets. There are also other forums that you may find fun or interesting.

If you have any urgent worries or questions about your guinea pigs health or behaviour, then please see a guinea pig knowledgeable vet as soon as possible. Remember you are looking for a veterinary that works with exotic pets, guinea pigs, parrots and other small animals. Prompt veterinary treatment could save your guinea pigs life, so please don't use any site as a substitute. Make sure you find a vet before your guinea pig becomes poorly. An excellent site you could try for medical reference is Guinea Lynx which also has a very busy health and medical forum.

Please remember to read Wheekers rules and guidelines before you post.

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Drawing of my lovely little Sweetpea and Treen's lovely Tefal was drawn by Alix

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