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Updated: 27/6/09
I'm sorry to have to say, but due to personal reasons, I am no longer continuing to update my guinea pig of the month area or add any guinea pig pictures. I will be keeping this area of my site but for the foreseeable future, there will be no updates.

Special thanks
First of all, special thanks goes to everyone who sent us their guinea pig photo's (see the gallery areas to see them). We have a wonderful collection of guinea pigs and they are all simply gorgeous!. We now have over 140 guinea pigs in the galleries. Many vistors will enjoy seeing all your lovely guinea pigs.

Each month I will elect an independent judge to select the guinea pig of the month. What a very hard job they will have!

New: Competition Information for 2009
Here at Jackie's Guinea Piggies, we will be having a guinea pig of the month competition. From January 2009, each month, all winning guinea pigs will recieve an award which will have a special place here and on our site index. All winning guinea pigs will also have a permanent place on our winners archive pages. All the guinea pigs in our galleries will also have a permanent place on our site unless we receive any requests to change them or remove them, this way all guinea pigs will have a special place at Jackie's Guinea Piggies. Thank you once again for sending us your lovely guinea pig pictures.

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