Guinea Pig Rescue

This section of my site is my way of helping people become aware that there are many guinea pigs needing loving forever homes. If your thinking of sharing your life with a piggy, please think seriously about bringing home a rescue guinea pig.

Reason's why guinea pigs are in rescues and shelters
Like many pets, guinea pigs become homeless for many reasons. Sometimes its because a person has bought a female guinea pig from a pet store, not realising she was pregnant and the owner is unable to cope looking after the babies as they get older. Another reason is an unsuspecting owner buying a male and female, thinking they had bought two males or two females from a pet store. Later, babies arrive.

Some breeders also add to the problem. Breeding too many guinea pigs they can't find homes for. They then surrender the guinea pigs to rescues.

A guinea pig may be left at a rescue because a child has become bored and the parents can't cope. This is why if a child is given a pet, its the parents that are responsible for the animals welfare. Its normal that children, especially young children get bored easily, so before you go out and bring any pet home, make sure that your willing to commit yourself for the whole of the pets life.

Sometimes people have to give their piggies to a rescue through no fault of their own. Perhaps they are poorly and are unable to care for their guinea pig any longer.

Please give a home to a rescue guinea pig
There are so many guinea pigs out there in dire need of a loving forever home. Think how rewarding it would be for you and your guinea pig. Not only will you be giving a rescue piggy another chance to spend the rest of their life happy, loved and cared for, they will learn to put their trust in you and give endless unconditional love. People that are new to guinea pigs tend to want a baby guinea pigs rather than an older guinea pig, but giving a loving home to an older guinea pig is so rewarding. Often the older guinea pigs have been neglected and unloved but with a loving owner, they will soon come to trust you and just knowing you have given them a loving home is so rewarding. If you are looking for a guinea pig or preferable two guinea pigs as they do love company of their own kind, then many rescues have already bonded pairs. Because rescues devote a lot of time to their guinea pigs, they know their personalities very well and will try and match a pair of guinea pigs for you.

Where can I find rescue guinea pigs?
Look in your local phone directory for rescue centres, do a search on the internet or you can ring up organisations like the RSPCA that will be happy to help you find shelters and rescue centres either in your area or further a field. Your local vets can be another good source of information, often vets know of piggy rescues in their area. If there isn't a rescue near you that has guinea pigs, its well worth travelling a few extra miles to give a guinea pig a second chance of a happier life. I have included a rescue links page in this section of my site, so I hope you find it helpful.

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