The Guinea Pig Restraint Bag

You can now have the opportunity to purchase a guinea pig restraint bag which is ideal for syringe feeding, x-rays, dentistry, etc. With kind permission, my friend Karen Malt, BAR Rodentologist Health Advisor, explains their uses below. Guinea pig model is Kismet, Karen's gorgeous boar.

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Restraint Bag

The idea of these bags came via Louise when she ran Squeaky Pigs Rescue, and she very kindly gave me one, there were only two made at the time, so I have one, and Louise the other. These have proved invaluable, provide a secure and safe restraint to use for example when syringe feeding, also very useful for performing rodent dentistry too.

Head on view
Side view

Also very useful for restraining guinea pigs for xrays, there is no excuse for a vet to use anaesthetic to x-ray a pig when the piggy is safely inside one of these bags. Myself and Amir my vet x-ray piggies using the restraint bag and it has proved hugely successful. As you can see from the pictures you can have piggy on its back, and over on to its side, thus every x-ray view achievable.

On Back
On Side

These bags will be available on a first come, first served basis, initially 10 are being made up, if these all go, then you would have to go on to a waiting list whilst some more are made. The bag featured is in plain material, I cannot guarantee what colour you will receive, could be plain, or patterned, dependent on what materials are available to the lady making these for me. These are hand made, and fastened with Velcro, and have been templated on a medium to large guinea pig.

If these prove successful I will arrange for more to be made, you could for example, offer your own vet a bag, to encourage them to x-ray more pigs without the need for anaesthetic.

To purchase a guinea pig restraint bag, please click on guinea pig Kismet below

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