Hannah's Piggies

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Basil: Basil I must say is a cheeky little rascal. He is very dominant and due to this problem he lives on his own. But he doesn't seem to mind as he now has his own house without having to share it with anyone else. He is very cuddly, especially after I lost Coco as Coco was the little mummy's boy and after he passed away I guess Basil just wanted some loveable attention. Love him XxXxX
Coco: Coco was the most adorable guinea I had ever met. He was just such a big dope with the most gormless faces- I did sometimes wonder if he had anything in-between those hairy eyes. It was just such a shame I had to say goodbye to him after just two years. He had so much character but he didn't show it until he lived with Dil, thanks to him he gave my Coco so much confidence. Not a day passes now that I don't think about this special little guy, he broke my heart when he died and I think there will always be a gap there but when I see Coco again in the future I'm sure my heart will be fixed. Love you Cocie bear forever. XxXxX
Fudge: Fudge was my very first guinea pig I ever had. I remember buying him from a vets along with his brother Dil who went to my sister. Fudge showed me why I decided to have guinea pigs in my life. They were such nice creatures. Fudge was very gentle and he loved to get his hugs. He was very photogenic, I remember using him for a photography project at school and he was a real poser. It was very sad to loose Fudge in 2004. He had only just turned 3 years old and he had been having problems for a while back. He had suffered from Malocclusion and then I think he had something much deeper, I just never noticed. He died right in front of me but it wasn't peacefully like I would of wanted him to go. From what I can remember and I can still see him lying there asleep forever, it was a brain haemorrhage. I had so much relief though after he died because I knew he was free from pain, but my baby was alone up there in piggy heaven. His brother Dil and Coco finally met up with him again in 2006. I was glad to know they were all together again. Goodbye Fudgey, love you always XxXxX

Pictures and text by Hannah