Graphic Information

I hope you find the following information useful. I'll start by telling you how I make my web pages. I use html codes onto notepad and then upload them to my site manager. I only know basic html, but if you use a similar method to build your site, I'd be happy to help with any problems you may have uploading my graphics onto your web-site e-mail To learn html, visit Lissa Explains html I'm afraid if you use a page builder, I am unable to help as I'm not familiar with that type of page building. However, I do know my way around MySpace. On my background and web-set pages, you'll find html codes that will help you add a coloured scroll bar and a code to help you create a double bordered background like the one you are viewing now.

Backgrounds: Because everyones screen can be different, if you find that my faded backgrounds are too dark to show your text clearly, I will be happy to make them lighter for you. Just send me an e-mail with the backgrounds e-mail

How to download my graphics: Please download to your own computer by right clicking and 'save image as'. Most of my graphics are a 'gif file' so remember to save any images this way. Graphics with a transparent background or any animations will not show up correctly if they aren't saved as a 'gif file'. Download my graphics to your own computer. Please do not try to directly link my graphics from our website. Not only is this bandwidth theft but because its happened a few times, I've now had to take measures to try and stop this happening. If anyone does try and link images from our site, a red x will appear and not the image.

Linking my graphics: If your not sure how to link my graphics back to my site, please copy and paste the code below. All you need to change is these words in the code "picture url here" and replace with the url of where you are linking your graphics or link button from. This code is also suitable for MySpace. You can also use a text link, please name your text Jackie's Guinea Pig Graphics and link either text or a link button back to All my backgrounds and web-sets have matching link buttons, you can use any of those or you'll find other buttons here Link Buttons

On-line Albums:If you need a host for your graphics, Photo Bucket is a great site for hosting images. You can use photo bucket to also host your images for pages like MySpace.

Terms of Use: Nearly all my pages in my graphic centre has the 'Terms of Use' button. By downloading any of my graphics you are agreeing to my terms of use. Unless otherwise stated, all my graphics are copyrighted to Jackie's Guinea Piggies. To read more information about copyrights, please visit the following link.

Now onto the fun part of choosing the graphics. My piggies and I hope you enjoy them.

Copyright © Jackie's Guinea Piggies