Hoppy's Poem

Here is a beautiful poem that has been lovingly written by my friend Merry. Waitng for you, a poem about Merry's little gerbil Hoppy.

Waiting for you

By Merry

I couldn't understand
Why I couldn't run and jump.
I wanted to get up,
But I just lay there like a lump.

Then you picked me up.
You knew I didn't feel my best.
I tried to play with you,
But you said I had to rest.

As you cuddled me close,
I heard you say, "Hoppy, I love you!"
I wish I could have told you
How much I love you, too.

You hands were warm and soft
And I closed my little eyes.
As I drifted off to sleep,
I thought I heard you cry.
Then I woke up with a jerk,
I wouldn't be here long.
You made me settle down again,
And said, "I'll get along.

I'll miss you tons, but if you think
It's time for you to go,
It's all right with me, my little girl,
Because of something I know.

We won't be apart forever,
We'll meet up in Heaven someday.
And till then, you'll play with Lily."
And I knew everything would be okay.

I had to leave you then,
After you said goodbye.
But I know you know
That I didn't really die.

Me, Lily, and Guss are waiting for you
Up Where it's always Day.
And we're all looking forward to the time
When again, all together, we'll play.

Copyright © Merry, Cavy Love