Jo's Piggies

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Bertie: First pigture is Bertie. He is my oldest piggy and is now 31/2 years old, he was born at the end of May 2000. He is an abby/sheltie and my son Antony calls his long hair bungly bits, lol. He is a real softy and loves his cuddles and there isn't anything that he wouldn't do for a good old fashioned carrot.
Betty: Second pigture is Betty. She is a rex and is a little over a year old having been born at the beginning of October 2002. She came home last November 4th along with Gertie (who is in the next pigture) She is adorable and is a real cuddle pig and has the sweetest nature you could ever hope for in a piggy. Her most favorite foods are bell peppers and of course carrots, lol.
Gertie: Third pigture is of Gertie. She is a real character and makes everyone laugh. She is an abby and has the attitude to go with it, lol. She doesn't like being picked up and isn't one for alot of cuddles. I'm lucky if she sits still for 5 minutes, then she is off exploring again. She likes to sit on top of the tunnels in her home and look out on veggie watch. She wheeks at everyone who goes by in the hope of getting more food and sounds the 'wheek alarm' to the others when the veggies are being dished up, lol. Her favorite veg has to be greens, as she goes mad when you place them in the cage. She also loves her carrots to!
Jake: Then we have Jake. He is my rescue pig and came home back in June of this year. He was guessed to be about 18 months old back then so I guess hes coming up for about 2 years, but you can never be sure of an age with a rescue piggy. He is a brindle abby and a real gentlemen. He is very relaxed and laid back and enjoys a cuddle. He loves living with Betty and Gertie and is an all round happy pig! He has an old eye injury to his right eye which they think probably happened when a piece of straw got in it, but once again no one knows for sure. His favorite veg is tomatoes (he really adores them!) and of course the good old fashioned carrot again.
Bungly Bob: Then we have Bungly Bob. He is nearly a year old and was born at the end of October last year. He is a sheltie and has the most gorgeous hair you've ever seen. He is a real character and he lives with Bertie. He is the dominant one, which is strange as he is the younger one and I always thought that Bertie would be the dominant one. It just goes to show though, lol. They have the odd rumble but other than that they get on really well and are inseperable. His favorite food is parsley and of course he loves his carrots to.
DeeDee: Next we have DeeDee who is the latest edition to our family. She is peruvian and has great tufty hair, lol. She is about 6 months old now and is settling in nicely. She lives with Ginny and Gwynny and they all get on really well. She loves to run through the tunnels in her home and is very energetic. Her favorite foods are bell peppers and carrots.
Ginny: Lastly we have Ginny and Gwynny. They are sisters and they are both 8 months old now. They are lemon agoutis and I think they are both really pretty. Ginny has the blaze that goes down her face, where as Gwynny doesn't have one. Ginnys favorite food is bell peppers and Gwynnys is tomatoes and of course they both to love carrots. My whole herd just adore their carrots as you can probably tell, lol. These two love to popcorn like mad and look so funny when they play together. I got Ginny, Gwynny and DeeDee from Comfy (Comfy Cavies) Its nice to know their background and where they come from and we all know how much Comfy spoils her piggies, lol.
Gwynny: Here is the very lovely Gwynny.
Halo: Halo is the baby of the family as she is only 3 months old. She is a bit fussy over her veggies but loves her carrots and parsley. She is the piggy-est (if there is such a word, lol) pig I have ever known and can popcorn really high. She is so cute and funny to watch and is a real joy to be slave to.
Bounty: Bounty is a 7 month old himi and is VERY bossy, lol. Her favorite food is romaine lettuce and she puts up a brave fight to get to every other pigs bit to. She is also very playful and loves to popcorn round with her friend Halo.

Pictures and text by Jo