Kathryn's Piggies

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Sparky: Sparky is about 1 year old and loves his food! (A bit too much at times!) He was 8 weeks old when we got him and since then has become alot more tame. He's also grown alot, and got quite a bit fatter! Sparky is very cheeky at times, and is quite good friends with Sylvie Chloe's Piggy His fave food is probably carrot, although he will eat almost anything you give him!!
Tigger: Tigger is an adorable little piggy and likes nothing better than running around in the garden, squeaking. He gets very annoyed when his food is delayed, so it has to be on time every day or I get told off. When he smells his food on the way, he'll run around his hutch until I give it to him. Tigger is now about 11 months old. Although he was quite nervous when I first got him, he now trusts me and even comes to his name!!
Sylvie and Sparky: Here are Sylvie and Sparky having a friendly food fight.

Pictures and text by Kathryn