Welcome to a special place, devoted to some gorgeous knitted guinea pigs. Famously known as the 'Cabbage Patch Pigs', lovingly hand knitted by Carol Houghton in Scotland. Originally, Carol knitted these delightful guinea pigs to help raise funds for Squeaky Pig Rescue, which sadly closed down last year. I'm now very happy to tell you that the piggies are now available on-line at Thistle Cavies Rescue in Scotland.

There are many knitted piggies available, each piggy comes with a delightful poem. Special additions are also available, including Christmas piggies, Easter piggies, and even a Bride and Groom. Baby piggies, known as piglets, are also available, complete with a nappy and their very own dummy. By sending in a photograph of your guinea pig to Thistle Cavies Rescue , you can also have your very own personalised knitted guinea pig. Baby piggies are 6.99 and adult piggies are 7.99. They really do make wonderful, unique gifts for guinea pig lovers. Not only will you own a famous cabbage patch pig, all proceeds go directly to Thistle Cavies Rescue so you will also be helping rescued guinea pigs, how rewarding is that!

Please visit Thistle Cavies Rescue Fundraising Shop to find out how to order your very own Cabbage Patch Pig

Here are just a few of the cabbage patch piggies available. Starting with one of the very first original cabbage patch pigs. This adult piggy is called Rainbow piggy, she comes complete with her own special pocket envelope which contains a beautiful poem. To give you an idea about her size, Jasmine had her photo taken with Rainbow.

Rainbow Piggy

Jasmine with Rainbow

Here are the extremely cute cabbage patch piglets, complete with a dummy, a nappy and matching ribbon.


Here are just a few of the Christmas piggies. You will find a snowman, a santa, a tree ornament piggy and angel piggies.

Snowman Piggy

Santa Piggy

Pink Angel Piggy

White Angel Piggy

Golden Winged Angel Piggy

Tree Ornament Piggy with Jewels

Here is a darling guinea pig called Lucky who has sadly passed over to rainbow bridge. I asked Carol if she could knit a personalised piggy for my friend Janet. As you can see, Carol did a lovely job of knitting Lucky.

Knitted Lucky


As you'll see, the cabbage patch piggies can lead very busy lives, here is snowman and santa piggy decorating the Christmas tree and santa asking Peachy what she would like for Christmas.

Snowmam and Santa Piggy

Santa and Peachy

Make sure you visit Susie's Barmy4Boars website to see the Cabbage Patch Pigs Fan Club. You'll also be able to read a lovely interview with Carol Houghton, who is the creator of these adorable guinea pigs. Click onto the banner below.

All cabbage patch piggies shown on this page, live with me with the exception of pink angel piggy who belongs to Merry, Lucky who belongs to Janet and the piglets who belong to Wendi.

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