Linda Lee's Piggies

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Sylvie: Sylvie's 2 years old- adopted April 2004 Sylvie (aka Angelina) was given to me by a women who does rescue work for small animals. Apparently in Sylvies short little life she has already been thrown away 2 times. Much of her life has been in a dog/cat shelter in Lehigh County PA. I am so happy I took her in because she is so sweet and docile, she loves it here and I can tell she's very happy now. I built her a C & C cage and then added one of my most submissive pigs "Shannah" to be her roommate and best friend. They get along great and I will have a good time spoiling her, she will stay here and live out the rest of her life.
Indrah: Indrah is my tsw sow, approx 2 years old. I bought her as a baby from a local pet shop. I couldn't resist her colors so I had to have her. I was looking for a pig like her for a long time because I owned a really sweet pig that looked like Indrah several years ago. Her best friend among all my pigs is Sierra ( Sierra is red pig to left ). I'm glad I brought home Indrah , she's a good girl.
Gertie: Gertie is my 1 1/2 year old Crested white and chocolate American piggie. I also bought her from a pet shop. It was another case of not being able to resist. Gertie is one of my favourites because she's very friendly and also very beautiful.
Belle: Belle is my 1 year old Agouti & white American Sow. I rescued her from a pet shop where she was living in a small fish tank with approx 6 or 7 male guinea pigs. Belle was obviously very pregnant and ready to give birth any day. I told the manager of the shop and she just said "yeah I know, she's the only female in there" The manager couldn't care less. So I had to buy her and bring her home so she could give birth in peace . Belle had 1 male baby (Jinx) who grew up to be a very handsome red and white piggie. I found Jinx a loving home when he was about 8 months old. I still have Belle and she will live out her life here with me and my 8 other piggie sows.
Cassia: Cassia is an agouti and red Abyssinian sow that I adopted from a local rescue. I think Cassia is one of my most active pigs, she’s always on the move and very curious about everything, although you can’t hold her for too long because she just doesn’t have the patients to sit in your lap. Cassia’s original name is Cinnamon but I changed it to Cassia which means Spicy cinnamon. The name fits her color and personality to a tee.
Sundrah: Sundrah is my Abyssinian Peruvian mix sow. I also adopted her at a local rescue. I think Sundrah looks like sunshine with her white and orange color so I feel the name fits her perfectly. Sundrah also has reddish eyes and a little bit of beige on her too. Honestly she’s not into cuddling and prefers hanging out with her guinea pig friends. That’s ok; I just couldn’t leave her behind at the rescue because she was a little grouchy. I adopted all the female pigs this lady had and it would have been mean to leave poor Sundrah there all alone.
Sierra: Here is Sierra an Abyssinian red sow I adopted from a different rescuea few years ago. Sierra is a great model and I've taken lots of pigtures of her over the years. Sierra is the "queen" of her group; she lives with Cassia, Indrah and Sundrah.
Shannah: Shannah is my Abyssinian sow and is about 2 years now, she's agouti , cream and white and very cute. Shannah is my most favorite piggie because she's so sweet and nice to the other pigs. I adopted her from a rescue along with Cassia, Emma and Sundrah. Shannah is roommates with Sylvie and Jazzy.
Emma and Jazzy: Emma - a really cute black and red Abyssinian sow I rescued 2 years ago along with Cassia, Shannah & Sundrah. Emma is my oldest pig - she's at least 4 years old , very shy but gets along great with anybody she's with. Jazzy is one of my newest pigs- she's a Ridgeback black and red piggie sow. Jazzy is very spunky and a happy little girl . Jazzy came from NYC with her sister Daisy from a women who was desperate to find a home for all her pigs, her landlady said they all had to go. Jazzy's birthday is April 12th, 2004

Pictures and text by Linda Lee