Louise's Piggies

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Burberry: Burberry came to the rescue on 26th June 2003. He is an agouti Texel boar. He was 9.5 weeks old. Although he was purchased from a nice breeder and not a "rescue pig " as such, he could have ended up in a pet shop and been bought by someone who would not have kept up with his long coat. He originally lived with another pig named Damien who recently passed away. Burberry now shares his cage with Mojo.
Mojo: Mojo arrived at the rescue on 5th September 2003. He was 12 weeks old and is a lemon agouti and white Rex boar. He had previously lived with his brother who started to bully him and has bites to his bottom and back. He has been kept as a companion for Burberry.
Piglett: Piglett is approximately 18 months old. Piglett is a lovely little pig who arrived with her babies. She was full of lice on arrival and is blind in one eye due to a cataract.
Flapjack: Flapjack was born at the rescue on 11th November 2003. He had to be hand fed because when he fed from Mum, milk poured down his nose. He as respiratory problems and an umbilical hernia. He is extremely greedy but is half the size of his siblings. Flapjack was introduced to an adult boar and seemed very happy with the situation. Sadly, the adult boar (Scamp) passed away recently. Flapjack now lives with Tog (see below). His behaviour indicates he had a physiological problem. He has been kept at the rescue as a sponsor pig and pet. Flapjack bites !
Tog: Tog arrived at the rescue on 5th March 2004 as a companion for Flapjack after he lost his previous cage mate Scamp. Tog weighed in at 5oz on arrival. He is a cream and white Rex boar. Tog was hand reared since birth. He is extremely lively and often popcorns around his cage. He enjoys being handled and loves a cuddle.

Pictures and text by Louise