Maisie, also affectionately called 'little one' due to her size.
24th February 2009
Maisie is a brown and white Abyssinian.
Cage Mate
Maisie is a very happy little girl. She can be a little nervous, but once in my arms, she will relax and rest her little head on my shoulder. So far, Maisie hasn't yet learnt the art of wheeking for her veg, she leaves that job to her cage-mate Beatrix. Maisie is very attached to Beatrix and I think she looks upon Beatrix, as a mother figure.
Likes and Dislikes
Maisie adores being out of her cage at free-range time. She just loves charging around at what looks 50 mph in the hall lol She gets so excited, Maisie sometimes bumps into Beatrix. Maisie loves her veggies, especially romaine lettuce, green/red bell pepper and fresh green grass. Maisie dislikes being separated from Beatrix when she's out having her exercise. She becomes upset and calls for Beatrix, so I now only separate my girls for cuddles, nail manicures etc when Maisie is in her home as she feels more secure.

A lovely video of Maisie enjoying the great out-doors with Beatrix

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