Mandy's Piggies

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Mistletoe: Mistletoe was only 3 months old when we first had her. She is a proper tomboy, she used to like running up your top when she was little. She loves the rustle of plastic bags and squeals like mad because she thinks it's her breakfast and dinner. She also loves baby sweetcorn, her favourite. She hates having a bath or being brushed and has demolished several towels both with piggy poo and biting them! She also gives piggy kisses when she is waiting for her spinach in a morning but sometimes bites my nose!
Holly: Holly is the quiet one and hides in her tunnel except when she also hears the rustle of the plastic bag! She loves cucumber and hates being brushed, in fact I think they all take after their mum Ivy! She is quite idle and loves to eat the grass lying down.
Daisy: Pictured with Daisy is her mum Ivy. Daisy is on the right hand side.Daisy is the biggest of the bunch and has taken over from mum. My husband called her Daisy because he loves the name. She can be a bit of a bully and likes to have her play house to herself and is often very hormonal! Daisy loves corn on the cob and hates having her nails trimmed and also being brushed. She likes to cuddle up with the dog when they come inside. I don't leave my dog alone with my piggies. Daisy also loves beetroot but as she has a white bib and chin, she looks like a raging piggy covered in purple!
Ivy: Ivy with her 3 daughters, Mistletoe, Holly and Daisy were abandoned by their owner and rescued by the RSPCA. We gave them all a loving home. Sadly Ivy passed away recently. Ivy, god look after her used to love cuddles on my knee and would often reward me with a very large piggy pee! Believe it or not, she used to love having her hair dried with a hair dryer and would make little chirruping noises. I think she was the one who taught her girls to make such a racket when the shopping bags come in! We used to nick name her the formidable toilet brush because of her strange fur (very wiry). She now has her photo on the hutch watching over her piggy girls. Our baby bunny used to love giving her a good wash, and its strange because the night she died, Maggie the bunny gave her such a wash when I took Ivy to see her. I love them all to bits and would never part with any of them. Ivy is now in the garden with a lovely fuschia bush where she is and a lantern to light her way.

Pictures and text by Mandy