Merry's Piggies

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Shakira: Shakira is my little survivor. I brought her home in May 2003 as a companion for Spicy at only seven weeks old. A month later I found that she'd apparently gotten into some mischief with a boy guinea pig at the pet store: my little baby was pregnant! In July exactly two months after I got her, she popped out two adorable babies named Rosie and Rusty, and in spite of her young age was a great mother and had no problems raising them. Shakira was also the only one of our pigs to make it through the disease that struck my small herd in February '05 - she got a clean bill of health from the vet who checked her! She has a very shy personality but as long as she feels safe she is happy to snuggle with her human friends and purrs almost as much as Strawberry used to. I love her to death and wouldn't trade her for the world..
Rosie: Rosie is Shakira's daughter. We originally rehomed her shortly after Rusty, but after Spicy died Shakira needed a new cagemate, and Rosie's owners couldn't care for her anymore so things worked out perfectly! Initially she had a little trouble getting used to Shakira again, but soon they settled down together and are both more happy for the company. Rosie has a sassy little personality that reminds me a lot of Spicy's, and I think it just makes her cuter!.
Lorena: Lorena is the newest little addition to the herd. I wasn't planning on getting any more pigs, especially one so young but you know me... I held her at the pet store and fell in love with her sweet, calm personality and adorable looks. When I brought her home she was a completely different piggie. She wouldn't eat or move until I gave in and put her with Rosie and Shakira. She pepped up right away and has now become a confident, curious little girl - just like a baby pig should be! She can often be seen popcorning around the cage. You can tell she really loves life, and makes it a bit better for everyone who knows her too!
Shakira's Babies: Here are Shakira and her two adorable baby girls, Rosie and Rusty

Pictures and text by Merry