Mildred's Piggies

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Mavis Mittens: Mavis Mittens burst upon the scene mid 2002 - almost literally, judging from her waistline! She is a highly talented and endlessly patient photogenic model. Given to prolonged mirror gazing she has inspired much of the Productatory Range as well as the MMM Logo. She is particularly fond of food.
Wilma Mittens: Wilma Mittens, our first beautiful Texel piggy, exceptionally cute, she is given to rapid zooming as well as explosive bouts of popping. Being a Texel, she is both rare and somewhat self important. Given to spending her pocket money on copious hair care and grooming products, muttering - ĎBecause Iím worth ití. She is particularly fond of food.
Mabelina Mittens: Mabelina Mittens, another beautiful Texel addition to the family, very orange and furry! A lovely little girl, dainty and pretty like her pal Wilma, and no doubt they will be taking turns in front of the mirror! She has proved to be particularly fond of food!
Mary Mittens: Mary Mittens, the newest addition to the Manufactory family. Mary is a wonderful little Peruvian Piggy with an extremely well developed sense of adventure - having explored just about everywhere within two days of the Storks visit. Early indications show that she is particularly fond of food.

Pictures and text by Mildred