Minky's Poem

Here is a beautiful poem that has been lovingly written by my friend Alix. Don't forget, a poem about Alix's lovely guinea pig Minky.

Don't Forget

By Alix

The Gentle Rush of footsteps
The scrape of a metal door
The rumble of unfamiliar voices
I don’t want to be here anymore

I catch a glint in the eye
Of my faithful companion fair
Please don’t cry my dear one
For you I will always be there
Large gripping hands
Wrap themselves around
Lifting me off the table
And turning me around

What on earth is happening?
Get my head out of this cup!
What did I do to deserve this?
What is this awful stuff!?

Please don’t cry my dear one
I promise I’ll be okay
As long as these big hands
Don’t carry me away
I’m sorry I got sick
I’m sorry I made you cry
I’ll hang on the best I can
But please don’t let me die

As my heartbeat gets slower
Each beat further from the rest
My limp, failing body
Is far from it’s best
I see you peering down at me
I’m finding it hard to breathe
As you fade into darkness
I’m afraid I’ll have to leave
Can you promise just one thing
Before you close the door
Please keep our memories dear
For I won’t be here anymore

Don’t forget the fun times
The exciting and the sad
I know it is hard but don’t forget
The good times that we’ve had

So when the door behind me
Closes with a slam
Don’t forget our memories
And all the things I am

Copyright © Alix, Hey, Pig!