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Here you can see my guinea pig collection that I've accumulated over the years. Some items are gifts that my family and friends have given me or made for me. I've included links to where quite a lot of my guinea pig collection came from. You'll also find some on-line shops that sell calendars, ornaments, soft toys and more on my guinea pig links page, under the heading On-line guinea pig gift shops

Update: New guinea pig items have been added to page 10 and 11.

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My youngest daughter Jenna gave me these two delightful piggies, Pickles and Ruffels. They are beanie toys and are pets from the channel 4 tv programme, Pet Rescue UK. Aren't they adorable! Many thanks to my lovely daughter Jenna.
I found this little fella who I named Gus, at our local hospital shop. I was so pleased to see guinea pigs amongst all the other cuddly toys.
Here is little Rusty, who has very cute feet and he's an RSPCA Perfect Pets guinea pig. Visit Golden Bear Toys if you'd like a little Rusty of your own.
Another gorgeous guinea pig. I've named him Artie, after my favourite singer Art Garfunkel.
Here we have a little piggy that my youngest daughter Jenna found in the RSPCA charity shop. After a quick wash and spin in the washing machine, she was as good as new. My daughter named her Crystal, she's delightful Jenna, thank you so much!
A Group photo :)
A beautiful cross stitch of all my guinea pigs, was made by Merry. I love it Merry!, thank you so much, its proudly displayed in our living room.
A lovely present from Treen, 2 gorgeous piggy coasters, thanks so much Treen!

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